DAMSLab - Laboratori delle Arti

DAMSLab - Laboratori delle Arti

The Laboratories of the Arts are part of the buildings inside the Manifattura delle Arti. The area, originally designed in 1883 by architects Priori and Buriani, has been renovated since 1996 with a joint effort by the Municipality and the University of Bologna, under the auspices of architect Aldo Rossi.

On the premises of the Laboratories, assigned today to the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna, the Hall, the Seminar Room, the Auditorium and the Theater are suitable to host teaching, research and third mission activities like conferences, exhibitions, installations, film screenings, workshops and different dance, music, theater and cinema performances.

Since 2018 the activities of this space have merged into the DAMSLab.

Address & contact 

Piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini 5/b, 40100  Bologna, Italy
Website: http://www.dar.unibo.it/it/dipartimento/presentazione/sedi


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