We would like to thank all over 120 participants for joining us in Budapest at the 1st International Conference on Community Ecology!

September 27–29, 2017 / Budapest, Hungary

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The First Conference on Community Ecology was the opening of a conference series accompanying the journal Community Ecology. The scientific focus was quite wide, presenting all aspects of community ecology and its connections to landscape ecology, multivariate statistics, systems ecology, vegetation science, macroecology and many other fields.

Main topics of the conference

  • Community ecology
  • Spatial and landscape ecology
  • Statistical ecology
  • Systems ecology
  • Ecological networks
  • Island biogeography
  • Macroecology
  • Socio-ecology
  • Vegetation science

Conference Chair

Ferenc Jordán
Danube Research Institute
MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Budapest, Hungary
Community Ecology, Editor-in-Chief

Keynote Speakers

Duccio Rocchini
Professor in Biology and Ecology
University of Trento, Italy
How to monitor community diversity from space?

Enrico Feoli
Department of Life Sciences
University of Trieste, Italy
Classification of plant communities and alpha and beta diversity of vegetation systems

Jens M. Olesen
Professor in Ecology
Aarhus University, Denmark
Ecological networks

Owen Petchey
Associate Professor
University of Zürich, Switzerland
Is Ecology Predictable? Lessons from experimental microbial ecosystems

Ulrich Sommer
GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany
The food web implications of plankton body size

Ursula Scharler
School of Life Sciences, Durban, South Africa
Contribution of communities to ecosystem functioning in aquatic systems

Conference Coordinator

Krisztina Tóth
AKCongress / Budapest, Hungary

Special Partner



Young Community Ecologist Awardees

1st prize: Juliana Pereira for the presentation entitled:
Protecting landscape connectivity: Multi-node selection of key habitat patches based on fragmentation and reachability

2nd prize: Michael Meyer for the presentation entitled:
Influence of temporal diversification on invertebrate communities in a long-term crop-rotation experiment

3rd prize: Orsolya Valkó for the presentation entitled:
Grassland recovery on linear landscape elements – Promising example to restore natural vegetation